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Round #04: Info & Themes
spn: sam: always the freak
notsodamaged wrote in redhead20in20
Look! I'm on time! :D



- All icons must be newly made for this round & fit LJ standards.
- Submit your entries as a new post to this community.
- If you want to post at your own journal (which is encouraged), post 3 teaser icons and link here.
- Make sure your entry to your icon journal is public until the winners are posted.
- Use the table provided please.
- You may change the colours of course but keep the themes in order.
- Put Round # - your claim in the subject of your entry.
- Everything must be completed by the LATEST 20th March 2010 by 11:59 PM in your time zone.

NOTE: Do NOT add your own tags, a mod will do this manually. Also, you will be asked if you want participation banners at the end of the round!

Extra time because I was late! No extensions, bbs! :D


Thanks, for all your suggestions! ^_^

(10) Themes: faceless, hush, smile, role, close-up, negative space, quote, heart, "approved", confused
(5) Category: Splits - each icon of this set should focus use layers of pics or blending! Examples: 01 and 02 or even 03
(5) Artist's Choice: this set is up to you! :D


*hush - NO text is allowed whatsover on the icon!
*role - if they are an actress, iconise them in a role they are most known for, if they are a musician, have them dressed up on stage?
*quote - ONLY TEXT ON THIS ICON - has to be something they said, either in character or in an interview
*"approved!" - the icon MUST contain this word


Need anymore clarifications? Ask!

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For "approved" does it have to actually say "approved" or can it be another form of the word, like "approves"?

Variations like that are fine, bb. ^_^

sorry. I am late but I won't be able to submit my icons :(

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